i-Ctrl AC (AIFA Smart AC Remote)

Introducing i-Ctrl AC (Smart AC Remote), the pinnacle of intelligent air conditioning control. Paired seamlessly with our user-friendly app, this device allows you to remotely command air conditioners from various leading brands using your smartphone. With built-in temperature and humidity sensors, along with cutting-edge AI technology, traditional air conditioning systems are instantly elevated to smart home status, offering a gateway to a lifestyle characterized by unparalleled comfort and the joys of intelligent living!

Key Features:

1. Mobile App Remote Control: Effortlessly manage your air conditioning units from various brands using your smartphone, providing unparalleled convenience and control.

2. A.I. Smart Auto-Adjustment: Experience the future of climate control with advanced artificial intelligence that automatically adjusts settings for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

3. Built-in Temperature and Humidity Sensing: Precision monitoring of environmental conditions, ensuring a consistently comfortable atmosphere tailored to your preferences.

4. Voice Control: Take command effortlessly with intuitive voice control functionality, compatible with popular voice assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

5. Smart Scheduling: Set personalized schedules for your appliances throughout the week, putting you in control of your home environment.

6. Appliance Forgetfulness Reminder: Receive timely reminders through GPS location detection if appliances are inadvertently left on, ensuring both energy efficiency and peace of mind.

7. Exclusive Patented Pairing: Benefit from our proprietary pairing technology, enhancing the seamless integration of i-Ctrl AC into your living spaces.

Place i-Ctrl AC in your studio, living room, bedroom, or small apartment, and witness an immediate transformation of your air-conditioned space into a realm of Smart Air Conditioning. With a user-friendly mobile app interface and straightforward code input, i-Ctrl AC effortlessly replaces traditional remote controllers, offering a powerful solution for remote intelligent control of both heating and cooling.

Experience the epitome of sophistication and functionality with i-Ctrl AC, where cutting-edge technology meets the demands of modern living. Embrace the future of comfort and efficiency with our state-of-the-art Smart AC Remote.

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i-Ctrl AC (Smart AC Remote)

Introducing i-Ctrl AC (Smart AC Remote), the intelligent air conditioning controller that transforms your conventional air conditioner into a smart home appliance. With a user-friendly mobile app, you can remotely control air conditioners of various brands, enjoying the benefits of built-in temperature and humidity sensors, as well as AI-driven smart adjustments. Upgrade your traditional air conditioning system instantly for a smarter home and a more intelligent lifestyle!

Smart AC Remote: Elevate your comfort with energy-efficient and hassle-free smart air conditioning.

● Compatible with 99% of Air Conditioner Brands:
Drawing on our expertise in manufacturing universal remote controllers for air conditioners, i-Ctrl AC includes an extensive code library, supporting virtually all major air conditioner brands.

● Mobile App Remote Control:
Upgrade all air conditioners at home to smart air conditioning with remote control through the mobile app.

● Temperature and Humidity Sensing:
Built-in sensors automatically detect environmental temperature and humidity. Adjust and monitor remotely through the app.

● Smart Scheduling:
Create unlimited weekly schedules for appliance operation, giving you complete control over your home devices.

● A.I. Smart Adjustment:
Define temperature and humidity parameters, and set operational modes for appliances. Achieve personalized comfort with conditions like “Activate living room air conditioning when indoor temperature reaches 28 degrees” or “Start dehumidification when indoor humidity reaches 70%.”

● GPS Location Detection – Appliance Reminder:
Utilizing GPS location, receive reminders if you forget to turn off appliances when leaving home. Configure devices to activate upon entering a specified location range for optimal comfort upon arrival.

● Voice Control for Smart Living:
Supports Siri Shortcuts, Google Assistant, and Alexa voice commands for hands-free control. “Hey Siri, activate home mode,” “OK Google, turn on the heater,” “Alexa, turn on the AC.”

● Multi-User Sharing:
New account management enables easy sharing, making it a one-time purchase for the entire family.

● Taiwan R&D, MIT Quality Assurance, No Cloud Security Backdoors.

i-Ctrl AC, the smart AC remote, is part of AIFA Technology’s 2021 Smart Home Device i-Ctrl series. Paired with the mobile app and i-Ctrl AC, it provides remote control for traditional air conditioners, enhanced with cloud-based A.I. functionality for personalized comfort settings.

Place i-Ctrl AC in your studio, living room, bedroom, or small apartment to instantly upgrade air conditioning to smart air conditioning. The mobile app’s built-in interface simplifies setup with easy code input, replacing physical remotes for seamless remote control. It’s a powerful solution for smart air conditioning control via mobile app or voice commands.

i-Ctrl AC supports Google Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri voice control, eliminating the need for physical remotes. It works with a wide range of air conditioner brands, including Hitachi, Panasonic, Daikin, Teco, Tatung, Midea, Gree, and more.

Join the effortless smart home experience with Siri Shortcuts, Alexa, and Google Assistant voice control.

i-Ctrl Series Awards:

2023 Taiwan Excellence Award
2020 German Design Award Winner
2019 Computex Best Choice Award
2018 Taiwan Excellence Award

Taiwan Excellence台灣精品艾法科技AIFA Technology Corp智慧家庭iCtrl Pro家電遠端遙控智慧家電智慧家庭智能家居遠端控制遠端遙控冷氣智慧家電控制器智能控制器智慧冷氣

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 54.461.820.5mm
Weight: 100g
Accessories: i-Ctrl AC, User Manual, USB Cable (1.2m), USB Adapter (Taiwan only)
Power Supply: DC 5V/1A
Infrared Control Distance: 8m – 12m
Mobile App Control Distance: Unlimited
Certifications: NCC, TELEC, FCC, CE
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