AIFA Technology Corp. is a manufacturer you can trust.

With over 25 years of manufacturing experience, AIFA is a trusted supplier and partner. We have ISO certified factories both in China and Taiwan, as well as sufficient production manpower to manufacture electronic products. Our team of electrical engineers, manufacturing and quality test engineers continuously improve our ability to produce excellent quality, reliable and cost-effective products.

If you need a customized remote control or consumer electronics to fulfill your project, please contact us. Our remote control manufacturing facilities, engineering and design staff can meet your design and manufacturing requirements. We are well-qualified to design new products for you.

Our infrared remote control database is complete to meet the needs of all infrared remote control devices. We use the ready-made case for design and modeling, allowing infrared remote control project to be completed in ten days to three weeks, which helps you to catch up with tight schedule.

Contact us with any enquiries you may have