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The core mission of AIFA is that we are “DEDICATED TO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.”

We aim to achieve customer satisfaction by providing high-quality customized products and services that exceed your expectation. It is our job to always provide the best services and up-to-date technologies to our customers in different countries and industries.


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AIFA Technology Showcases Smart Home Innovation Solutions at Embedded World 2024

Taipei, Taiwan – AIFA Technology (AIFA) will participate in Embedded World 2024, the world’s largest exhibition for embedded electronics and industrial computer applications, from April 9th to 11th. Collaborating with the Taiwan Excellence exhibition team, AIFA will showcase its latest Smart Air Conditioning Networking Solutions, Home Appliance Upgrade Smart Networking Solutions, and i-Ctrl Pro Home Appliance Remote Control Technology.

These cutting-edge technologies will bring new thinking and applications to the upgrade of smart air conditioning systems, brand upgrading of smart home appliances, home intelligence, and IoT development. We sincerely invite industry professionals to visit our booth and explore the endless possibilities in the field of smart homes.

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Taiwan Expo in Japan 台灣精品 日本台灣形象展 Taiwan Excellence Smart Living館中展示的AIFA Smart智能家居產品 i-Ctrl Pro家電遠端搖控 (AIFA Smart Remote) AIFA艾法科技智慧家庭 智能家居產品8

艾法科技 榮獲多項獎項肯定的智慧生活提案「i-Ctrl Pro 家電遠端遙控」於台灣精品日本台灣形象展與大家一同共襄盛舉!

艾法科技 榮獲多項獎項肯定的智慧生活提案「i-Ctrl Pro 家電遠端遙控」於台灣精品日本台灣形象展與大家一同共襄盛舉!

艾法科技團隊(AIFA Technology Corp.)與榮獲多項國際獎項肯定的智慧生活提案產品「i-Ctrl Pro 家電遠端遙控」一同在日本台灣形象展台灣精品Smart Living中與大家共襄盛舉。 艾法科技股份有限公司致力研發的「i-Ctrl Pro 家電遠端遙控」,可透過「AIFA Smart app」遠端遙控家中的傳統紅外線家電,將既有家電升級為智慧家電。此次艾法科技帶著「i-Ctrl Pro 家電遠端遙控」,與大家在台灣精品日本台灣形象展碰面,並向大家展示智慧生活科技。

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i-Ctrl WiFi Remote Control BOX

i-Ctrl, Control My Life

Experience connecting your home appliances like never before. 

Imagine you can control your home appliances like TV, Air conditioner, set-top box/MOD, DVD player, Ceiling light, Fan…etc. via your smart phone whether you are at home or away from home.

JUST SAY THE WORD - Voice control enabled - Alexa and Google Home
i-Ctrl enables you to activate Voice control of your traditional home appliances.
Certified by Amazon and Google Home to work with Alexa and Google Assistant.


Turns Your Phone, Tablet into the Universal Remote Control.

Through AIFA’s comprehensive IR database, BTRC makes it easy to control your room in 360°. Via the app on your smart phone or tablet and Bluetooth wireless connection technology.

Compatible with almost all brands Infrared controlled devices

25 year experiences of manufacturing services for worldwide customers. We keep our code library most updated to fulfill the needs of customers and markets. AIFA is specialized in mass production customizing universal remote control that can change the design, color, logo, numbers of button and others.

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