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AIFA Technology is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of the remote control, with 30 years of experience and sites located in Taiwan and China, our outstanding performance is well known in the industry. As one of the leading manufacturers in Taiwan, our professional team aim to deliver high-quality products on time and keep our core technologies updated to meet international requirements. We believed that our sincerity and hard work make our products and services genuine, exceeding customers’ expectations.

It is our job to always provide the best services and up-to-date technologies to our customers in different countries and industries.

Founded in 1993, AIFA Technology is a full-service IR / RF wireless electronics manufacturer. We are experienced and specialized in the following services.

  • Universal Remote Control for Air Conditioner.
  • Universal Remote Control for TV, CD, DVD, DVB, STB, SAT, CBL, Audio devices.
  • (Universal) Remote Control for Light, Ceiling Fan control module (transmitter and receiver).
  • IR Wireless Speaker
  • IR Sensor LED Night Light
  • IR Sensor Visitor Chime
  • 2.4GHz Transceiver
  • Rain Alarm
  • Battery Tester (no battery required inside, patented)
  • Key Finder
  • Car Inverter
  • Energy-Saving LED Tube
  • Wi-Fi Smart Home Control Box
  • Bluetooth Smart Home Control Box
  • Bluetooth Audio Receiver
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Wi-Fi、Bluetooth module software design
  • Product design and engineering services
  • Micom IC Design
  • Prototype construction
  • Mass production
  • Customized Product
  • SMT Service
  • Software APP Design

From designing to manufacturing, along with our IC software design capabilities, we have been working with many international electronics companies in Japan and Europe for many years and have delivered successful projects.

We aim to provide the best product
that can enhance the convenience of
people’s lives.

Wen Lu Ni

We aim to provide the best product that can enhance the convenience of people’s lives.

Wen Lu Ni

Founder & CEO