SMT Service

Surface Mount Technology(SMT) PCB Assembly Services

We are an experienced SMT(surface mount technology) assembly supplier. We have been providing SMT services for over 20 years now, and we take pride in our work. Although the equipment and processes have changed over these years, one thing has not – our commitment to your project. Today, we utilize state-of-the-art, fully automated placement equipment to quickly and accurately assemble SMT PCB (printed circuit board) assemblies.

Our employees are highly trained and considered professionals in the field. Here are some details about our services in surface mount assembly.

We work with both SMT prototype and small production runs, using both manual and automatic SMT assembly processes. We perform single and double sided placement of all component types. With us, you don’t have to think about the details of production yourself and can focus on your design.

1. SMT Assembly Service

2. Surface Mount Technology Process

3. Surface Mount Device Mounting Processing

4. PCB Custom Design and Processing

5. Professional Electronics Manufacturing

6. Design-Related Production Fixtures

7. PCB Plugging

8. LED Light Bar Mounting

9. CHIP Mounting Processing

10. Product Testing and Assembly

11. PCB Punching

12. Flexible Printed Circuit Punching

13. LED Mounting

14. Soft and Hard Board Mounting Processing

15. SMT DIP Assembly Testing Packaging

16. Semi-Finished Product Assembly Service

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