i-Ctrl WiFi Smart Remote Control Box

Control your Home Automation with your smartphone or tablet
i-Ctrl the central hub of IoT smart home products, allows you to manage and secure your home remotely via WiFi and Infrared (IR) technology. It provides a complete smart home ecosystem by connecting and turning the legacy home appliances to smart appliances.
i-Ctrl supports cross-platform App and voice command – Amazon Alexa. And now AIFA Technology has submitted the Google Assistant certification, you will have options to manage your home via Google Home or Amazon Echo.So it’s more than easy to improve your comfort by asking or remotely controlling through the i-Ctrl App. i-Ctrl helps you to manage your appliance, take care your family and secure your home in a smarter way.*Compatible with any remote-controlled traditional home appliances
*Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice activation
*Setup in seconds. The i-Ctrl records and remembers your remotes’ signals.
*No more hardware to install.Convert Your Smart Device Into the Ultimate Remote Control
i-Ctrl is an app that runs on iOS and Android devices and controls tv, set top box, DVD & blue ray players, AUX, Air-conditioning, fan, lights and more.Kids watch too much TV?
Use i-Ctrl to control your TV from your phone.
You can control it from another room, another floor or even from outside of your home!Have too many remotes?
Use i-Ctrl to control not only your TV, but also your Cable Box, Blu-ray, DVD & blue ray players, AUX, Air-conditioning, fan, lights, etc. right from your phone. A single i-Ctrl controls all your devices!Worried about losing your remotes?
Take a backup of your remotes using i-Ctrl and never worry about losing them.
There are already 1,000,000+ remotes readily available in our database!

Smart Speakers enabled by the Google Assistant and Amazon Echo give us voice control over our Smart Home product i-Ctrl.

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產品尺寸 10.1 x 10.1 x 2.6 公分

電源輸入 變壓器 ( DC 5V / 1A) , 線長 120 公分

遙控距離 紅外線 : 8 公尺 / Wi-Fi : 有無線網路之處均可使用

連線頻率 Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz (不適用 5GHz)

製造廠商 艾法科技股份有限公司

產  地 台灣 (材質符合 RoHS 歐盟環保標準)

NCC編號 CCAJ16LP0570T3 (WiFiRC-01A)